Cultural Space Mandela: July 2017

During July 2017,the stuff of the Cultural Space Mandela organized not only remarkable but also various amount of sessions divided in the different clubs adopted in the space :8 sessions in the painting club,9 sessions in the music clubs,4 courses in the book-club as well as 2 other courses in the animation club. Over all, the painting club started a new schedule celebrating the famous personality « Nelson Mandela » capitalizing on different kind of tools .Secondly, the music took also its flagrant part. The specialized crew worked on the African music which is performed with a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing and playing crowned later by a musical show exposed at the closure day of the project ”Different Cultures-Common Values”. Likewise, the book-club itself was active and essentially fruitful. The beneficiaries discovered other different books tackling several topics the reason to arise their awareness. Moreover, the club judged prolific out of its openness to the painting club during which we witnessed an interesting productions of portraits. Utterly, we conclude with the recently-created club: Animation. With the collaboration with our animator, the beneficiaries are being able to learn about the art of performing: a selected sequence of movements described as choreography.


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L’Association Tunisienne d’Action Culturelle - ATAC est une association, fondée le 11 février 2011, à but non lucratif, elle met en commun des moyens pour faire face aux phénomènes de stagnation et d’inaction en incitant les jeunes à s’engager dans différents domaines : Culturels, Sociaux, Développements et Droits de l’Homme

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