Cultural Space Mandela: December 2017

As we close out another year, here is a review of our accomplishments during December 2017: load of activities promoting the educational diversity and highlighting the vibrant participation of our beneficiaries in our Cultural Space Mandela.

On the first hand and during five sessions, the participants have been preparing the African songs for the closure day to be well-played and well-sung. Later on, they started working on a new theme which is solidarity. The kids have been told to look for songs that celebrate the theme in order to cooperate with the teachers to produce a unique musical master-piece by the end of June 2018.

On the other hand, the Painting Club’s participants succeeded to produce five statues: four of them have been constructed with gypsum and the other one with wax. These statues have been exposed in the closure day on December 17th, attached with the paintings made by children glorifying Nelson Mandela.

In addition to that, the French Club also has been working on the theme of Africa .In several sessions; the participants took a zoom over some African traditions as well as discovering some geographical specificities of some countries. Not to forget also the games that have been organized to them to widen their understanding and enrich their language.

Book-club also caught our eyes out of the final product presented. The beneficiaries have been working on a play «The Noble». They wrote the script, divided the roles and acted the play in many practice sessions. This theater work has been crowned by a stage show performed in the closure day that coincided the opening of the new Cultural Space Mandela on December 17th.

Last but not least, the participants of the Animation Club prepared two choreographies in which the children have been able to arrange the movements, steps and patterns of their colleague-dancers in a manner that was outstanding to watch.

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L’Association Tunisienne d’Action Culturelle - ATAC est une association, fondée le 11 février 2011, à but non lucratif, elle met en commun des moyens pour faire face aux phénomènes de stagnation et d’inaction en incitant les jeunes à s’engager dans différents domaines : Culturels, Sociaux, Développements et Droits de l’Homme

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