Brief News Espace Mandela Décembre 2018

Like any other month, The Cultural Space Mandela celebrates during December 2018 the cultural diversity specifically the theme of freedom and that throughout several workshops that aim at shaping unique civilized and well_behaved actors.
Starting with Music Club in which the 4 sessions were organized alternatively between Mandela Space and the Youth House of Regueb.The beneficiaries were rehearsing some songs in matter of the individual singing and the accurate use of musical instruments.
Moving to the Painting Club which during one session the kids were able to use the chinease Ink through different techniques to produce various pictures.
In addition to that, Book Club’s animator has been initiating the participants to express themselves freely in matter of freedom and that by the means of mind games.
Later to that, the Book_Club’s teacher as well as members of the Association ATAC have been honored in the Primary School SEKBA on 14 December, 2018 out of their interesting initiative of launching Book Club in the institution.
Not to mention the excursion to the Public National Park BOUHEDMA in which the beneficairies have participated on 2nd December, 2018 as well as their participation in “MAKKAHI” Festival organized by City Lights Association in Mezzouna on 2nd December, 2018.
Last but not least, the participation of ATAC members in Training Sessions, in the city of Sousse on 7, 8 and 9 of December 2018, organized by “Democracy For All” Center within the framework of Local Youth Leadership School.

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L’Association Tunisienne d’Action Culturelle - ATAC est une association, fondée le 11 février 2011, à but non lucratif, elle met en commun des moyens pour faire face aux phénomènes de stagnation et d’inaction en incitant les jeunes à s’engager dans différents domaines : Culturels, Sociaux, Développements et Droits de l’Homme

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