Mandela for Arts and Languages – February 2019

“Mandela for Arts and Languages”, it is a new initiative launched by Mandela Cultural Space” during February 2019 which aims at promoting language and arts competences for children within interactive workshops.

To begin with the “Music Club” and during one session, the beneficiaries were initiated to the new chosen theme “Motherland” where they have discussed over the instruments on which they will be focusing additionally to the songs they have chosen to work on.

Next moving to “Au plaisir du Français” which is new language club that teaches the French Language in a fun way. During two sessions, the kids were able to pronounce the Alphabet in French language through listening to various songs that highlights the letters. Added to that, writing workshop was organized to enhance the kids’ handwriting.

Not to mention “English for kids” which teaches the English language via entertaining tools like singing which took place in the first session where the kids have been taught to sing ABC song while the other session was devoted to teach the English Greeting vocabulary.

Ultimately the “Book Club and Theater”, within 1 session, was dedicated to an overview of the history of Arab theater.

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L’Association Tunisienne d’Action Culturelle - ATAC est une association, fondée le 11 février 2011, à but non lucratif, elle met en commun des moyens pour faire face aux phénomènes de stagnation et d’inaction en incitant les jeunes à s’engager dans différents domaines : Culturels, Sociaux, Développements et Droits de l’Homme

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